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ACI Calculator:

Determine your score

ACI Calculator: Determine Your Score

Determining your scores now is critical to your long-term MIPS strategy. MIPS is a competitive program, ranking clinicians against each other to determine who qualifies for incentives, so it is imperative that you continue to improve. How do you know where to focus your improvement efforts if you don’t know where you stand today? Download the MIPS ACI Calculator today to calculate your score for each component of the Advancing Care Information (ACI) program, including:

  • Base Score: 50 points for reporting either a non-zero numerator or a “yes” for selected measures from the MU Modified Stage 2 or MU Stage 3 measure sets
  • Performance Score: Up to 80 points for performance on eight measures based on a decile scale
  • Bonus Point: Up to 1 bonus point for reporting to an additional public health registry

Please note: This version of the calculator is based on the draft rule. An updated version based on the final rule is in development and will be available shortly. 


Download the calculator today

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